Amy Kam

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2002-09-18 14:42:55 (UTC)


I just don't understand why James always come to me when he
has problem... and I always feel pity on him. I always
think that he is a helpless kid that need people to take
care of...but he always hurt you in return. I learnt too
many lessons from him, no matter what happened to him in
the future, I won't bother.

work work work... shafer is giving me alot of stress..I
wonder when I have enough money to retired and travel the

December... unplanned vacation... donno...may be he is not
really interested... whatever..I don't care anymore...just
let it be this way...

no pain no gain doesn't mean that there will be gain after
pain...the latter case always happened to me...especially

ugh! life sucks big time