this incarnation
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2001-07-25 00:06:53 (UTC)

whichside first (entry)

palm reading
right brain

it wasnt always this way
how did i get here?
10 years ago i was suicidal
belonging nowhere i tagged around with the area gang
getting into fights and trouble was how i blew off steam
was that even me?
i had no where to go
but i had to leave
Ive lived in over 30 states since then
who would have thought i would find myself here
some people know who they are and what they want to do from
the time they are first born
others have to search
thru search lies experience
every experience Ive had has molded me into the person i am
my witchside is the other half of me i grew into
it wasnt always there
i was raised catholic
because of this i was afraid of god
i lived in fear
"my way or hell"
my insides told me there was more
if i asked a nun "why?"
they would say "dont ask why just believe"
i was afraid to question in my own head
thats not right
then somewhere along the line
someone gave me a book of religions and spiritual beliefs
i choose not to believe anything
i only wanted to take it on as information
although it seemed as if there was a little bit of truth in
then i started getting involved in science
everything is energy
including me
and the computer Im typing on
the dreams i dream
and the songs i sing
even the colors i see
vibrations started it all
those beginning vibrations flow thru me
they dont bounce off of me and ignore me
those atoms tingle in me
i can feel it
every thought sends out a vibration
positive and negative
it then stays inside of you
and vibes around you
this is how you can tell what kind of mood someone is in
or what kind of person someone is in general
your character is the sum of all your thoughts
someone once said
thru choosing not to believe what everyone was telling me
i found my own truth
inside my mind and heart
everyone has their own
look inside

my truth
science and magik are one in the same
you create your own reality

as Ive said in another entry
under an other n

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