Stu's Journal
2001-07-25 00:01:40 (UTC)

Stu 1

Hey wasup journal? not to much here im just writing,
chilling, talking to lesley online um i didnt do much today
i couldnt go to summer school because i caught some wicked
fucking poision ivy on my arms and being the dumbass i am i
rubbed my arms on my face so my eyes r puffy and shit.
ummmm i didnt do nething i lyed in bed and went on the
computer like i usally do, thats basically my day,
tommorrow sucks because i have to go back to summer school
but hey its all good because all we basically do is watch
movies and talk about stuff that dosent have nehting to do
with school at all, so im done writing and shit so ill
catch ya later journal peace

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