[email protected]
2001-07-24 22:56:29 (UTC)

I am a bitch

I can be such a bitch. I am so nice but when you wrong me
moraly I am a bomb. So that chick that Tony fucked that is
married and has 3 kids, he had naked pics of her in his
email and had recieved them BEFORE he broke it off with me.
So I took his naked pics and hers and...oops. They
accidentaly got sent to some websites...paybacks are a
bitch, eh? Now Ido feel bad but my point is that if you
don't want your naked pictures posted on the internet then
don't put them where people may get to them..=)
So moving on from that I saw a friend today I haven't spoke
to in 3 years..She looks so damn good, she was a bit heavy,
but now she is strutting her shit! A new girlfriend on her
side and her life is good..I am glad to hear that she never
forgot about me, after all she was my best friend! We were
partners in crime! We did all kinds of teenage rebeling.
She met my daughter and said "she is so beautiful!" That
made my day!
Last Friday I went on a date. I met a guy that comes in to
buy parts and I remember the first time I saw him, my jaw
dropped. He was a marine in memphis and does mechanic work
now, blonde hair and blue eyes, he has that whole Mathew
MaCougnhey thing going on..He took me to a great place to
dinner, we talked, went to a tavern for shits and
giggles,and he gave me a goodnite kiss. He kept me up until
400 in the morning and he went to work the next day at 800.
I am liking him..he acually paid for the dinner. Sad but
that shit impresses me. Enough, I feel like a dork I am
outta here..

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