Roy Whiteside

My Intersex Chaos
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2002-09-18 05:33:14 (UTC)

Just a note.

I have a dr. appt. thursday @ 1pm, I got keep that. I have to find my old website tha old meat, potatoes, and bread money maker. I have to ocuppy my mind with proporities before I truely loose it. I don't know what to do or say, I wasn't taught that, I was given a place to home, clothes on my back, there was food on tha table sometime. I wasn't given up for adoption or aborted. I wasn't treated like a child either, I was treated like I was adopted. I learned that from some junior and high school friends. We'd talk, they'd talk about the orphan home and the way their foster parent were treating them. I began to realize from tha time I could remember, that I was being treat as an orphan. U'd think after I grew up I'd be able to escape this exile. Now, I am at 37 years old being over taken by tha villians in my 37 years. I'm not gay.......I am not weak neither. Although, I now stand sterile from gay attacks.....I wonder if jesus was tortured in this manner. I thing I hope for a job a family. just flushed down thu toilet. Which the only thing they proved is that at five years old. I......was.....psychic. Tha only thing I didn't see was the ending.

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