The Princess Diaries
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2001-07-24 22:34:07 (UTC)

Stop Worrying~

Dear Diary,

What Kathryn doesn't understand is that she is NOT going to get beat
up. I'm 99% sure of that. See, what happened was that she told this
one girl a secret about her that she heard from the girl's boyfriend.
The only reason why Kathryn told this girl the secret, though, was
because it was about her and it was hazardous to her health and she
REALLY ought to know. This guy that told Kathryn the secret about
the girl in the first place though, became real mad that Kathryn let
her secret out, and he threatened to come to Kathryn's high school
and beat her up with some "enemies" of Kathryn's. Kathryn's dead
scared because this young man is a freshman in college. He said he
wouldn't hit a girl, and that's why he's getting some other people.
Honestly, do you think that he will go through with this? I don't think

Sorry if that was confusing for you, Diary. =) I tried to explain it the
best I could! I just really don't want Kathryn to be afraid, knowing
that she is one of my very best friends.

And about this Shawn, I don't want to date him, because I don't think
he likes me. Give up, Kathryn!!! :-P

I can't wait until high school. It will be so much fun! I don't know why
people ask me if I'm nervous about starting my high school. I mean,
why would I be? There's nothing to be nervous about! I'm just excited.
The only thing I'm sad about is losing so many of my friends,
considering nearly all of them are going to a different high school
then me. Oh well. At least one of my best friends is going there.

Much Love,


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