2001-07-24 22:26:27 (UTC)

oh william

Who the hell thinks that being depressed is fun? I haven't
found anyone yet, uh...wait, maybe, except William. I just
can't understand it. William is a fellow diary author on
this site. Lately I took some time out to stop and read
some of the things that he has written. He seems to be
stuck on the fact that depression keeps him on his toes and
laddee da n' this and I finally wanted to set him
straight and tell him, "hey! being depressed isn't a bowl
of fun" I dunno... after I wrote I felt good but...I
thought maybe I was too hard on him. Like, this all wasn't
my business and I should let him think whatever he wants.
But, I thought, that's the whole reason why he put his
diary under public! He needs reaction so that he can
understand the crazy shit he goes through...I just think
that when ppl are constantly stuck in a cloud of either
hate or depression we go nowhere as people. I
getting too preachy? yeah, but I don't care. That kinda
reminds me of the Jewel song, "Down So Long" Maybe I'm just
talking from my anal area again, maybe I'm just a wannabe
Mother Teresa. But honestly, would it kill to know someone
feels like this? For once?