2002-09-18 04:23:50 (UTC)

still sick

quartets were posted today... i got in one... surprise
enough, but i am stuck with danielle, aj, and nate...
gosh, i think i got the shaft here... aj's a slacker and a
freshman, danielle can't sing and knows nothing about
music... she's just in cause she is loud... and then
there's nate who can't hear out of his right ear till about
contest time... am i really that bad?

apparently i am an awful violist... what a burn! i was
supposed to have 1st chair dammit! that is rightfully
mine! i think it's just cause she sat there this year... i
was nice enough... but now i have lost it... ouch! she will
see a challenge... i will have my chair!

G-SA meeting sucked today... gosh i don't think
anything more could go wrong in there... apparently
poor diedre feels left out... and she's claiming we are
purposely shooting her down... oh wah! omg... grow up
please? what a buncha dumb fucks! none of them
showed up to the officer's meeting... none of them
show even the slightest interest and all of a sudden we
have to re-elect just so they don't feel 'left out' what the
hell?! not personal my ass...

i just took a walk with bill... he is so much fun! just
being with him and being able to talk to him about the
stupidest shit and to have him return to me respect is
amazing... i have decided that i never want anything
sexual with him... or anybody for that matter... i know
that's not what he's after in me... at least i hope... i just
love that we are so alike... i hope we become better

ahh well... i feel a tad bit better, i am not sure if any of this
makes any sense... it sure doesn't in my head... but
yeah... i have a huge paper i have to write for us lit...
btw... it was due today... oops! oh well...

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