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2002-09-18 04:17:36 (UTC)


everything was GREAT with me & ryan... he even came over
the other night till today when my world came crashing down
around me crushing me below a million tons of depression!

he dumped me :( *i cant stop crying* i dont want to tell
anyone cuz word will spread and he'll get a new gurl... but
i cant just keep it all in! I GATTA VENT YA KNOW!

i love him soooo much i cant just let him slip away so easy
without even trying to get him back, how will i face the
world tomorrow???? i dont know what to do!!! he wont take
my calls or emails i cant get to him at all... i wish he
would just listen to me! i need someone to talk to and
nobodys there because he's the one i usually run to, now i
got nobody... i need him to hold me like he used to, and
tell me it will be okay... i need somewhere to cry and
someone to help me get over this but what can i do?!?!?!
basically nothing but share it with you... he dumped me cuz
i kissed another guy but really it was a kiss on the cheek
and it was a friend what the hell is the big deal!?!?!
heres the email i got:

Ok Robert jsut told me Heather told him that Ronnie kid
kissed you..Well i dont think this is Going to work out at
all...so i think we will be better off as
FRIENDS!!!!!!!..sorry but that is wayy too far ...Welp
umm..i can't be on the phone anymore for this week...so try
not to call..b.c. i will get in troublle....welp
Holla @ me

and i sent this after trying to call and talk all day:

Subj: so are we friends at least?
Date: 9/17/2002 11:13:48 PM Eastern Daylight Time


Okay I see you dont want to talk to me at all and I
understand that, but what did I do to deserve that??? I
gave ronnie a kiss on the cheek on the bus okay... I said I
didnt get any hugs or kisses today and I gave him a kiss,
I'm really hopeing thats not why you dumped me because it
was a friend thing, like I said I would never do ANYTHING
to hurt you and if I had known me giving him a kiss on the
cheek would hurt you then trust me I wouldn't have done it!
Jess told me you were mad I didn't ask you to homecoming
either and the reason for that was because I was scared and
I thought you might want to go with a friend or
something... not poor little unloved me! But the truth is
when I read that email I just broke down and started
crying, I know you probably dont even care... but I guess
I just have to move on... You said you wanted to be friends
but your not talking to me :( I guess I will leave you
alone now... if you want to talk to me or email me I will
be here but if not I understand... Im just an old g/f that
doesnt even matter, I was probably just a waste of your
time... I know you probably are happier now... and whatever
makes you happy is all that matters! i love you i always
will, goodbye.

Samantha Christine

well people please send feedback ur basically my only hope!
thanx 4 reading and being there 4 me