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2002-09-18 04:01:38 (UTC)

not an eventful day

so, today i went to school and then hung out with kelly
after i was done with classes. i was supposed to meet up
with anthony, which i did, but he had some stuff to do and
i didnt want to go to the student congress office becuase i
dont like being around most the people in there, at least
not when you get them together. kelly and i went to eat and
then back to the school. we went to abes room for a minute
cuz i needed to ask anthony if he was gonna go to the show
on saturday(hatebreed and 6 feet under!!, i can
hardly wait) anyway at 1st he said no but abe said he would
give he money and that anthony was definatly going, so i
acepted that answer even though anthony said no. i know he
really wants to go, so im sure something can be worked out,
ill lend him money if abe doesnt.

i have a paper due in creative writing in 2 days and i have
yet to even come up with an idea, but then again, thats
half the battle. once i start and have an idea it should
all come fairly quickly. well, i WILL write it tomarrow, i
will not put if off until the day it is due.

i am also looking into some clubs. kelly originally said
she would like to join ski club with me but now sounds as
if she is reconsidering, and with my luck she will. i would
like to be part of some club this semester, i think it
would be a good experience, but i wont join one alone. it
is one of the few things i wont do by myself. the reason is
that if i join and then dont become friends with anyone in
it i will not have any fun and it will cause me to be
extremely depressed. that obviously would not be a good
experience. it is also likely people will be joining with
friends so they wont be looking to make other friends,
therefore leaving me out. well for now i will hope she will
join one of them with me, and if not..guess no clubs for me
this semester. I will have to wait and see. *crosses

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