I'm a girl, not a band!!!
2002-09-18 03:13:09 (UTC)

Today Sucked

First of all, I slept funny last night and my leg is so
sore, as well as my back. I'm in alot of pain.

Secondly, wait until you hear about my day. Ready? Okay
then. There was a very nice young mother who I chatted
with as I checked her groceries through. She had a very
cute baby boy, probably about 4 months old. Well, she
left, and then about 5 mins later comes back and asks if
she can stay inside and wait. I gave her an odd look, and
she told me that her battery had died. She had a very
small baby, and it was probably about 95 degrees outside
so I offered to jump her car. I had cables in my car, and
it was the right thing to do.

I was on my lunch break, and had an hour to help her. Not
a problem I thought. I clocked out, and went to the back
to get my keys. Walked out to my car to move it and the
keyless entry wasn't working. That was odd. So I unlock
the car and the interior lights don't go on. The first
thought in my head was "ohshit". My battery was dead. Go

So I took the cables out and went to find a coworker to
get another car to jump this lady's car. Finally found
someone and went and moved her car. The lady came out and
tried to pop her hood, but the latch was broken and it
wouldn't open. Okay, fine. I tried. But then the cable
pulled out of the clamp and my cable was useless. Which
means that I couldn't get my own car jumped. I went back
inside and had about 3 mins left on my break. I tried to
get some lunch, but I left my wallet at home. So, no lunch
for me. I went back to work.

I did manage to get a message to my mother to meet me
after work at 8 to resuce me. She came down, and we tried
to jump it, but it didn't work. Called the insurance
company for a tow, and they called a company on the exact
opposite end of town. Mom and I sat in the parking lot for
about 2 hours.

The tow truck driver finally came, and he wanted to jump
the car. Ok, fine. Well, he jumped it and it started, but
I knew that there was something wrong. That it's not the
battery. We agreed to drop it off at the mechanic. Made it
to the mechanic, and turned it off. Tried to turn it on
again, and nothing. It's screwed. *sigh*

You try to do something nice for somebody, and it
backfires and bites you in the ass. *sigh*