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2002-09-18 02:40:16 (UTC)

something to think about

a friend of mine...let's call her arie...had an interesting
insight on another friend of mine...let's call him tre.
i'm not really sure what to make of it...maybe you can help.

tre and i dated...awhile back. we've stayed friends.
we've been having some problems recently, but things are
getting better. she however disagrees. she has seen how
things are and says that i do not deserve to be treated how
tre treats me. now, i don't know that he has treated me
badly. but i wouldn't say that i've been treated well
since we broke up. i don't know. i've had to remove
myself from the situation, which is very difficult. i
don't exactly know what to make of it.

should i go based on what i thought before, or should i go
based on what she says. she has observed us around each
other and knows of our recent problems and how they are
being resolved. do i take her thinking because she is not
really involved in the situation, or do i not for the same
reason. i don't know what to do.

true, i don't want to let go. so that may be making me
blind. she believes that i should let go. of everything.
even a friendship. i don't know. please respond if you
read it. and no, it's not who you think actually.