The Story of Me
2001-07-24 21:34:18 (UTC)

Another Boring Day

I did go running today, it was cool. I actually did run...3
laps, which is equal to 3/4 of a mile. That is very
impressive for me, seeing as how I wanted to die after the
first lap, but I pushed myself to keep going. Then I walked
two laps and then collapsed. My legs and feet were on fire.
I haven't done any running since it was required in gym
class 3 years ago, and I walked even then. Oh well.

It's almost time to get ready to make dinner. Oh fun. The
highlight of my entire day (notice the sarcasm?)

But on another note...If you know who I am, (I'm sure
anyone who knows me who has read this does know, i'm pretty
transparent sometimes)...I just want to say that I am
sorry. I did give some people some negative feedback about
their journals. I shouldn't have. I know that I wouldn't
appreciate it if I had a message like that. And a journal
is a place to speak your mind and vent your feelings, no
matter what they are, and no one should be judged
negatively on that. I just want things to go back to the
way that they were, and I am willing to try my hardest for
that, because I know that it will take a lot of work. I'm
sorry if I judged you. I don't think anything bad about
you. I'm sorry that I let a couple of months get in the way
of a great friendship. But anyway, like I said before, I
can't say that I am sorry enough, but why bother when it
doesn't change anything...

Well, dinner is calling. And I am hungry. So I am going to
end this one here, and I will write more later.