Diary of the Weird
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2002-09-18 02:12:38 (UTC)

A Little Hope

Just when things are at there worst, everyone should
just stop bitching and just go away. Today I went over my
friends who didn't know what was going on at home, not cuz
I didn't want him to know, but cuz why and how do I bring
it up? I had fun watching my friends being idiots, played
magic and listened to some sweet guitar. I didn't think of
my problems once.
But eventually I had to come home. To my life of
caring. My life of thinking about tommorow, and hoping to
not get in a fight with my mom. The much needed break
helped, but made me long for the time loss to still just
enjoy myself. My life obviously isn't one were I only have
to focus on how people think of me. I'm your typical
outcast. I were baggy pants and listen to rock. I were t-
shirts anti things most of the preps don't even know about.
I actually have people who are scared of me for being that
way. If I want to go to college I have to pay with my
grades and academics, not cuz daddy chose my education over
a yaught. Rich people are conceded and see me as bottom
feeding scum and to stupid to give chance cuz I'm who I am,
and there daughter can suck some other preps c and cry
about to her friends when he's a jerk but be disgusted by
me. Life is bleak, and it should be for all, not just those
who can afford to by distractions.

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