Str8 Girl, Interrupted

My Life is a Drama....
2001-07-24 21:07:49 (UTC)

Life sucks...but not like I do...he he he

So, today I'm sitting here in my apartment being bored as
ever, so I went back and looked on some of my older
entries...especially the ones about Christina. Hmmm...what
the hell was I thinking? Why didn't someone slap me? I
don't know...maybe they tried. Did I listen? NO!! God,
why didn't I listen!!??? That girl is something else. One
day she talks shit about one person the next day she's
calling that person, talking shit about the other. I do
not need someone like that in my a friend or
otherwise. Anyways...I figured out why I even messed with
her in the first place. Curiousity...maybe...just maybe I
could be gay, just like my friends. NOPE...I'm not gay.
I'm str8, I must say. Ever since I met Buck, there's no
doubt in my mind about my sexuality. What I had with
Christina was strictly experimental. What I have with Buck
just feels RIGHT! Not right in the sense of..."ooohhh, I
want to be with him forever and always"...but in the sense
of "this just feels good" Enough about that.

Marc and I hung out today. It was cool. We actually had
fun together at the mall for the first time in ages. We
laughed, which hasn't happened in ages either. I miss him.
I hope we can get something back that we had. Sometimes,
just to hear his laugh...makes the day brighter. :) I
guess, he is my sunshine...and the sun hasn't shone in
quite awhile.

So, life all in getting better! I have a job
interview at Adecco on Friday. God, I need a job. They
better find me something, cuz this job-hunting thing is not
working out like I had planned. JOBS SUCK!!