In the End
2001-07-24 20:24:36 (UTC)


I can't really remember what I've written lately and I'm
definitely too lazy to look it up.

Bonehead and I have been working things out. We had a long
heart to heart the other night until 5am, which turned out
to be the best thing we've done in a long time. I think we
resolved alot of issues. I promised to be more accepting
of him and his friends, so he doesn't feel like he can't be
himself around me and them. So far so good, we hung out at
his friend's house last night and it was so much fun. Alot
of them play guitar and they played pretty much every
Sublime song ever written while the rest of us sang along
and looked at the stars. Bonehead promised to put more
effort in the relationship...when he gets paid, he's taking
me to a chick flick.

A few days ago we made the journey to Ozzfest, which was so
incredible, the best concert I've ever been to. I was a
little apprehensive at first, especially over the fact that
I was going to be seeing Marilyn Manson. The little
Christian angel on my shoulder was tugging at me, telling
me it was going to be an offensive display of shocking
shenanigans. To my surprise, I found myself enjoying it
for the most part. I was beyond excited to see Linkin Park
perform, as they are my most favorite band right now. I
went nuts. Slipknot, Disturbed, and Papa Roach were all
good too, and we saw a band I never heard of called
Nonpoint, which I also enjoyed. My musical tastes go way
beyond simply metal however. I have quite an eclectic
taste in music...in my cd holder, you might find Rammstein,
Weezer, Pink, and They Might Be Giants all in the same

I don't understand mosh pits. That is one decidedly male
ritual that I probably will never grasp. Bonehead tried to
explain how the feel of the music just makes you want to
get up and bash into people and throw them on the ground.
I had to disagree. The music just makes me want to bop my
head and maybe even sing along, but violence never crosses
my mind. It just seemed silly to miss the concert because
you're in the middle of a circle of testosterone driven
boys ramming into eachother. Plus at the Ozzfest moshpits,
so much dust was kicked up by them that most people had to
breathe through their shirts. One particularly nice group
of boys I'd never seen before decided to surround me in
a "box" so I wouldn't get hurt. I love random acts of

Right now I'm listening to James. The song is
called "Sometimes" and it's so pretty. "Sometimes when I
look in your eyes I swear I can see your soul"...At times,
I avoid eye contact because I'm scared of people seeing me
too much or seeing something in them that I don't want to.
I'm just being a coward though. Emotions are an amazing
thing and they should be embraced, because the only way to
gain adequate life experience is to really feel things.
There should be no fear.