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2002-09-18 00:09:12 (UTC)

school vs sleep

im so fucking tired its hard to kepe my eyes open.

i dont know whats wrong with me. usually i just get crazy
when i dont get sleep...but im all...fucking tired. i just
want to go to bed and i cant because i have so much to
fucking do...but god. it sounds so great.


school then work today.
i hung out with ryan between those.
it was fun.
he bought me coffee.
nice boy.

jessie called me tonight. its so cute. she never calls me.
and definetly not like after we just hung out the night
before. made me happy. im probably going to see her
tonight. maybe ryan. and im supposed to see sarah too. but
i dont know about that one. im supposed to call her. fuck.
sleep. her. i dunno. i suck. i just dont feel like doing
even a half of what i HAVE to get accomplished tonight.
motherfuckergoddamnit. rah.

maybe coffee will make me feel better. hm. i dunno.