My Confessions
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2002-09-17 23:48:37 (UTC)

~~~THE TALK!~~~

Dear Diary,

Okay i just got home from a football game. Our cheers went
really well! Jay said...and i quote him "you guys looked
so damn cute you distracted the other team!" I was like 'i
love you!' but of course i didn't say anything. So i just
kinda stared at him wondering what would happen if i kissed
him. you have no idea how fine he is! Oh my GoD it was so
hard to resist. But of course Stacey came to watch Jay play
and so i was like 'stupid bitch!' we seriously aren't
talking to eachother at all. Even in spanish today, sam had
to act as the barrier so we wouldn't bitch eachother out.

I told Alyssa that i think i'm in love with Jay. I thought
she was going to laugh right in my face, but instead she's
all, "i know you are" and i'm like wtf?! And she told me
that she could tell when we were in my hot tub that night
way long ago....and i had to give jay a lap dance and make
out with him! I was like how could you tell from that?!
And she's like, 'you are my best friend of course i could
tell!" then she proceeded to tell me how Jay was really
into it to and that she thinks that he likes me too! So
then i complained about the whole stacey situation, and
she's like 'don't worry bout stacey, we aren't best friends
with her anyway!' She thinks i should just be true to
myself otherwise i will regret things.
So at the game today I told Jay that I really really really
needed to talk to him! And he's like 'is everything ok?'
and i'm like 'no not really.' and he's like "did that
bastard Luke try something?!" and i'm like "no, its nothing
like that.' So he said we would hang out at his house
tonight. THEN 2 secs later, literally, Stacey comes up,
and was like 'oh you looked so cute out there JT!' and he
sorta looks at me and then she's like 'so i was thinking
we could hang out tonight....do u wanna?" and she shot me
this really mean look and i was just like 'fuck you' but
didn't say anything. And he's like "sorry stacey, i'm
hanging out with jules tonight.' and she then really stares
me down and is like 'oh, fine, ok, maybe after?" and then i
sorta knudge jay like, don't talk to her, and he's like 'i
don't think i'll have time. sorry." so she left!
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Okay so now i have to go plan what
the hell i'm gonna say to him!