It smells like poop over here
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2002-09-17 23:34:13 (UTC)

walked around my good intentions, and found that there were none

im not the biggest OLP fan, but i kinda like their
older stuff. i dont' have much time, cause im fuckin tired
and mom always talks to her b/f sam at 8. i like to think i
have some good intentions, i dont' know what i'd have them
for, but id like to think i could possess them.
i don't want to sound greedy, but im in need of a lot
of things. i know i know, there's straving kids all over
the world that are really in need, but there are some
things I need to do to get my life ready to rock. i ain't
getting any younger, but im not staying 19 forever. i need
to lose some more weight. why? cause im still fat. im not
satisfied with my current physique. i want to be thinner
and have more definition of my muscles. i need to stop
smoking. i don't need to quit, cause im not addicted. i
just need to stop before i make a habit of it. i need to
not drink. i got along just fine before i got drunk, what
makes me think i need to do it again. it was fun, but of
course, i could you my drunken stupers as a way of telling
girls how i feel, then sober up and tell em it wasn't the
alcohol. or i could get some balls and talk to girls, maybe
that could work????
i need to stop bitching about how shitting my life
is. there are people out there with real problems. sure,
folks may exaggerate, but i know there has to be some truth
behind it. "ohhh, everyone and their mother beat me
today." "i got raped 4 times just on the way home from
school." exaggerations, who knows what really happened. but
i need to glorify on my life a little more. i don't have it
that bad, there are plenty of people who have it a lot
better, but more who have it worse. dammit, my brother
wanted to look at snowboards real quick and got me all side
tracked. ill write tomorrow.