ted morrison jnr
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2001-07-24 19:50:18 (UTC)

excerpts from the cum shot anthology series

"so hot in here
it's hot like sahara"-patti smith

it doesn't often reach the 100 degree mark in maine, but
when it does, the entire state goes slow. like a snake in
winter. like a bitch in heat, you know, we are reduced to a
slither or a crawl as we manage the asphalt, the forests.
i am sitting by a window, where every half hour or so a
divine breeze clings to my sweaty back, a moment, respite
from the tennessee williams temperature and the changes in
mood that happen with it.
i wanted to go to the beach today, get salty and bronzed,
but the weather people warn against it, on account of the
smog that is rolling in from the industry and dirt of the
entire eastern seaboard. is there anywhere clean? anywhere
comfortable where i can lounge by the water with a friend
and a sense of purpose? i escape to a jet set mentality,
fantasy to take on the fever. i imagine boarding a yacht,
four in the afternoon, cocktails on the high deck, boys in
speedos serving marijuana cigarettes and salty dogs. i am
wearing a thin white cotton shirt that serves me well, short
pants made of the same material, a proper boating outfit and
we laugh thru the sunset, high on the motion and sound, the
cause and effect of the motor in the water and we swear we
will never retire tonight. music is piped in thru invisible
speakers and supper is simple, oysters and salads, champagne
and fruit. eventually we are all naked, the wind and salt
whipping our skin as we furtively dance to punk rock music
as our hostess lays out the rails to blow. oh, summer.