The land of unknown
2001-07-24 19:36:49 (UTC)


woohoo. i got to talk to Lyz online today. actually a few
minutes ago. it was fun, even though she had
something to do and then left to go to her dada's
house. but i also got to talk to Ben. he kept going on
about making out with Lance from nsync. how it would
be and all. but i know he was messing around. but i'm
not sure if he hates them, i think he thinks they're
alright. ewwww. but he just kept going on about Lances
lips and giving him the toung and grabbing him. hehe. i
know he doesn't read these, but his girlfriend does!
hahahaha just hope she reads this one. but it was fun
talking with friends again. but last night, i had strange
trouble with AIM. it took me 3 or 4 tries just to get on.
and then, i couldn't talk to anyone, it would say i have to
much text, but i said hello. so i left and retried. but at
first it sort of worked, but then i wasn't getting anything
from anyone. i sat there for a while with no respons
from 2 different people, so that told me the problem
was at my end. so i gave up. sorry Nate and Kitty. but it
seems to be working today. and i be listen to Pantera
again. Pantera's nifty. hehe. i stufid. hehe.