Marco Jacksonovic

Crazy What You Could've Had
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2002-09-17 22:13:51 (UTC)

Rumptons And Numpties.

I like the plural of numpty, it works well, has a
kookiness to it you don't often get.

Spent today going to Heathrow to collect a friend's
girlfriend, which explains my no-entry-yesterday stance.
Had to be up rather early (or rather had to be ready
rather early, at half-past-eight, and was panicking about
not making it so much I woke up at 3.20 and couldn't
really sleep afterwards, and ended up moving my room
around at about 6.30 and being ready by 7.

That's a good thing, though, I think. The tiredness now is

Anyway, the trip, and the collection went remarkably
smoothly, it was almost scripted. So that was nice. And
then I came in, and despite my evening plans, I spent the
time first trying to get my mum on the phone to tape
Boogie Nights (I've never seen it, and I kinda want to),
and being very disappointed with a 3-0 defeat at QPR. Glad
I didn't go.

Maybe go to the library tomorrow. Maybe not.

WILT? Ricky Nelson - Hello Mary Lou (Goodbye Heart)