The life of a hellraiser
2002-09-17 22:09:36 (UTC)

If this is your idea of commitment, then you should be committed...

Well, now that I've started going to college, things are a
little bit better. There's more freedom, etc. Plus, my two
friends Mario and Andrew are there as well. And Mario still
is with his girlfriend...for the time being. But stranger
things have been happening, for one thing, Gino
DiGiovacchino has started talking to me again. I find that
strange because not only has it been three years, but of all of the
times that I have tried talking to him he wouldn't answer. Now that
he's talking to me all of a sudden is just plain weird. What gets to
me about Mario and his girlfriend, Lauren, is that they only reason
they're still together is because she loves his family. The last time
they broke up was over the fact that she got back together with her
ex-boyfriend for about 3 days. She got back together with Mario after
those 3 days because she missed his family. What a crock of bull!!!
This is only the second time she screwed him over and at first I told
him that he should be done with her for good. If she begged to have
him back, tell her no. He did all right, then when he uses my
cellphone to call that airhead, he tells me that he's calling his
mom. Another lie; when I asked Andrew who the hell he was calling, he
said that Mario was calling his "ex-girlfriend". I hit the roof when
he told me. I was like, "WHAT?!" As soon as Andrew left for his next
class, I turned to Mario and asked, "Did you have a nice talk with
your GIRLFRIEND?" He told me he did, and I went off on him. I
asked, "She missed your family, didn't she?" Then he answers, "Nope,
she missed my dick." Smirk and all. I rolled my eyes and glared at
him as I said, "Oh please." I was really pissed off at him because he
got back together with that dumb bitch after she screwed him over for
a second time, when he only screwed her over once on April Fool's Day
last year. He then tells me that this is the last time that he'll
give her another chance if he gets screwed over by her one more time.
I pray in vain that it happens to him soon so they'll be history as a
couple and I will finally have my chance to get with him. That is, if
Andrew doesn't butt in and try anything. If that does happen, I'll
tell him to butt out and let him figure it out for himself. As far as
I'm concerned, Andrew's the main reason they got together in the
first place, not to mention the fact that Mario's stupid cousin
introduced them.