my so called life
2002-09-17 22:06:38 (UTC)

10 things I love about you

10 things I love about you :

- the way you love me
I love the fact that I don't have to pretend when I'm
around you. You love me for ME.

- the way you smile
I love that special smile I never saw when we were just
friends. It's nice knowing that I'm the one that makes
you smile that way. And it makes you look absolutely

- the way you've changed
You are still the person I fell in love with, but you
have changed from "cool" to "soft". Knowing that I've
made you feel things you've never felt before makes me
feel special

- the way you smell
When I'm lying in my bed alone after you've left, I
sometimes smell your aftershave on my pillow. Just the
smell makes me all warm inside

- the way you always want to hold my hand when we're out walking

- the way you get so touched when I say something sweet about you
or tell you how much I care about you. It's nice to know that I'm
not the only one who's overwhelmed by all these emotions.

- the way you miss me

- the way you always call me when you're bored

- the way you close your eyes and look completely happy when we're

- the fact that you are YOU and nobody else