Living Is a Hard Thing To Do
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2002-09-17 22:04:21 (UTC)

He made me smile like 3 minutes i'm gonna go homecoming
shopping...i dont want to. i'll have to get like a size
104..not really, but i dont want to's like.."the
truth" time...oh well..yeah, so oh well...the other night
Andrew told me that his life was going pretty shitty, so
yeah, i sent him and e card..he told me today that it made
him made me feel good...even though right now,
everything i do makes me feel like crap. i'm just'm usually peppy, happy and go lucky, but
anymore, i just keep crying on and on...Mary made me cry
today. She used to be like my best friend and now she wants
to switch schools because she thinks she has more friends
at the other one..oh well, i have to go, erica's here.