2002-09-17 21:53:43 (UTC)

Agh! hate this! i do truley..

Agh! hate this! i do truley love him n id do n-e-thang for
him! Seeing his name makes me cry! how pathetic..like
emails he write n he puts "Josh" on the bottom it just
makes me cry..! He sed that hes not that good.But hes the
best to me! I just so lost n
confused! Sunday that lil dez thing made me so jelouse..but
we rnt goin out he can do wutever he wants! but im just
jelouse/sad! what hurts the most is readin that one email
he wrote me the 3rd time we went out.!. Tha stuff it sed n
thinkin wut happend just dont make sense to me its all one
blur! well im out!

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