Life Sux Then You Die
2001-07-24 19:25:16 (UTC)

Day: 15

I made sugar cookies today. I gave them to my neighbor.
They are moving tomorrow :( I am definatly gonna cry. Today
they are going to call us if they need any help. Everytime
I go online, this girl Im's me and I don't feel like
talking to her cuz all she wants me to do is do stuff for
her. So I told her I will do only one thing and thats it
and she STILL wants me to do stuff for her. It gets really

I can't believe school is almost here -_-' I don't want to
go back. Its way to soon. I don't feel like writing with
pencils and pens... But I have to. I get to take art! Thats
the only real thing I am looking forward too. Orchestra is
going to be weird though. My friends Jhenell and Evelyn
aren't gonna be in orchestra one semester:( And they are
who I talk to in that class..its gonna suck. I have to go