the true confessions of moi
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2002-09-17 21:02:06 (UTC)

english homework

so i have to read a short book and answer twelve
questions... doesn't seem too bad.. but like, god, it
ended up being 14 pages long, those 12 questions, and i'll
bet she doesn't even read it all. she just kinda flips
through it to see if it's done. grrr! last thing i wrote,
all she had to say was 'very interesting'. isn't the point
of school to learn something? like, if i'm going there
every day, i may as well learn SOMETHING.. she's had my
attention for about 15 hours in total, and i haven't
learned a thing.
sam's done making pictures smaller for his cousin, so i'm
done bitching.. for now. :)

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