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The Chronicles of a 16 year old Girl
2001-07-24 18:55:18 (UTC)

IcE CrEaM MaN!

*July 24th - 1:41 PM
Well, here I am, writing my second entry. I feel so much
closer to you now that I told you all about me in my first
entry. Well let's see...I wrote an email to my Allison,
the friend that moved to Germany, today. Well, I got one
from her, then I responded. I told her about what's been
going on lately, but infortunately there wasn't much to
tell. Things have been pretty boring (and hot) here. Last
night we all decided to stay home for once. And the night
before that me and Katie (I like to call her KT) washed her
car at like 10 something. It was fun. Well, I'll tell you
about who I hang out with most of the time. There's KT and
Meredith (who are both my age. KT is in choir and is
really funny, and meredith is kinda an airhead...and just
made varsity cheerleader! score.) Next is Rachel (she'll
be a senior, and is also going to be a vasrsity
cheerleader.) She's funny..and kinda air heady too. Umm,
there's Jeff (he's going to be a freshman in college...he's
going to college here in abilene though..he gets kinad
annoying sometimes..but it's ok). Next is Omar...he'll be
a senior next year. He's a nice guy, and funny too. OK,
also, there's Amy, who will be a sophomore. I like her
because she's sort of mature, but in a good way. And
there's her twin sister Sarah. I like her because she's
sort of immature, but in a good way. Plus they live in a
really big house with a huge back yeard that has a pool and
a little swing and lots of room, which means it's a perfect
house for parties! They have one like once a month
practically. I guess that's all of my "group." I hang out
with all of them everynight pretty much. Well, I guess I'll
write back again when I actually have stuff to say!