Daily Rants
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2002-09-17 20:23:41 (UTC)

I'm OLD. and materialistic.

Talk about a wakeup call. I was visiting with Mrs.
Rushton today (I used to babysit her kids) and I asked
about her older child, a boy named Greg.

She laughed and said that he's got a crush on a girl at
school and wants to ask her out. My first reaction is as

*gasp* No! He's not old enough for that! He's still
supposed to think girls have cooties!

But the kid is in 6th grade now. *Sniff* I mean, I used
to give this kid a bath before bedtime. He's not supposed
to be dating.

On another note, move in for K college is quickly
approaching and I realize I have a horrendous amount of
STUFF. Bah. So I'm becoming a monk and giving up all
material possessions. So K people, you can recognize me
as the one of the quad, communing with the squirrels and
wearing my burlap sack.