The Story of Me
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2001-07-24 18:33:57 (UTC)

I'm sick

Good afternoon all!

I was rudley awakened this morning by my mother in order to
play secretary. Great for me. Actually, the first time I
woke up was at 6 o'clock this morning. My brother and I
both fell asleep on the couch last night, all sprawled out,
with our legs in the chair, not the most comfortable thing
in the world, but much better than sleeping upstairs. I had
the comfort of air conditioning down here in the living
room. So at 6 o'clock, Bruce went upstairs, and i sprawled
out on the felt good, and slept until my mom
woke me up again this morning. My duty for the day entailed
typing up a resume for my mom's boyfriend because he is
entirely computer illiterate. I tried to get him to use it
once, but I don't think that he even got the hang of the

So resumes shouldn't be limited to one page. That isn't
enough room to write everything down. I used a resume
template in Microsoft word...a bit of a time saver, saved
me from doing all of the headings and bullets. I just had
to imput the information. So I was all done, got it all to
fit on one page, and then I realized that I forgot
references. So I had to make a separate sheet for that, and
cram another line on the resume that said "references
available upon request". I hope that's alright. No one
should have a problem with it. I didn't even have to do it
I guess.

And I'm sick again. Like always. I haven't been sick for a
couple of months, I guess I was due again. I noticed my
sore throat last night, a few hours before I went to bed.
And I woke up with it, that and a stuffy nose. Oh well, in
a week or so I will be all better. And the weather is rainy
today, so that ruined my run for the day. I was kinda
looking forward to it, but maybe since the sun is shining
now, it will clear up soon, and i'll go for a leisurely

Guy troubles still. He still hasn't called. I guess he
doesn't realize what he is missing out It just
strikes me as odd. We had been hanging out for like a week,
and he would call me everynight to make plans. I loved
that. But even since it was said that we
were "boyfriend/girlfriend" he hasn't called me.
Hmmm...makes me wonder. I did run into him about a week
ago...things were fine. I hadn't heard from him in 4 days,
and everything was fine. He hugged me, kissed me, told me
he missed me...and then I haven't heard from him since. But
I'm over that I guess. Hey, it's me, and I was meant to be
hurt by everyone. Do I have a sign on my forehead that I
don't know about that gives people permission to walk all
over me? Because I know that if he were to call today and
pretend that everything was alright, I would go right along
with it. Please help me find my backbone. I guess I just
have a weak spot for him.

Well, that's enough for right now. The track is calling,
and I would like to get a mile in today. I'll write later


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