Jack's Twisted Kingdom
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2002-09-17 19:06:51 (UTC)

So... On again...

So, so far, the world is still round, and I am still
relatively sane. Although, in the last day or so
I have become somewhat happy. Some things
are actually going my way.

I think I am doing fairly well at work, I was made
"god" for two hours. I controled the destiny of
3 other co-workers until the end of the day.
All of the sudden I have this urge to cackle and
spin in my chair screaming "cry havok". But
whatever floats my boat right? I don't like these 5
hour shifts, they kinda annoy me, I would rather
have 8 hour shifts, that way I can work the same
hours, only less days per week. I blew a perfect
opportunity for full time shifts, only because I no
one bothered to tell me someone else wanted early
shifts... So, I could have traded the 7am shift for a 10am
shift.. Ah well...

Well, I am going a friends wedding next weekend, I
think it will really be enjoyable. I have a hell of a doozy
of a wedding gift for them... I would write it here, but
they might read it.... Suffice to say, I am going to give
them thier present in 4 parts, Winter, Spring, Summer,
and Autumn which will be thier 1st anniversary, so, it
aught to be interesting, I think any ways...

Inky is looking for attention... no surprise there...
I love my cats, hard to beleive that they turn 10 in
late march... hehe...

3 hours to go before I need to be at work....