2001-07-24 18:21:48 (UTC)

Hot hot hot!

Today was quite wicked!! it was real hot so out in the
garden i went! sunbathing is so lush! lol! well its my
sisters bday she was well chuffed with her pressies!! i
seen annette and declan too today which was cool! altho it
annoys me when she dumps declan on me..i love the guy to
bits but it gets a bit annoying when she relies on me all
the time, its like i dont have a say in it. ah well i guess
i shouldnt complain! jo and adam (my dads cousins daughter
and her hubby) also came round. its weird coz normally they
send the card as they used to live in cornwall and now they
are like less then 15 minutes away from us! well weird! i
spoke to nick last nite and today thru txting for the first
time in a while! it was nice to catch up n that, he makes
me laff so much!! like he was calling Mattie-Jay, something
else!! Mattie-G*y!! cheeky sod im tellin ya he is just
jealous! lol! i voted for brian big brother to win again
today..thats 9 votes in total now! lmao! he is soo funny
tho! well, thats my day really not much yet again! my life
is real boring at the min!! ah well, im talkin to lee
online at the mo :) he is way cool im really liking him
alot lately! well, i'll write more tomorrow!

SONG OF THE DAY: Boyzone 'Here to Eternity'
WORDS OF THE DAY: How ruuuuude!!! (brian big bro!)