the life of a sacred monster
2001-07-24 16:57:49 (UTC)

An Answer

Still looking. Still searching endlessly for that answer
to the unasked question. What am I going to do with my
life? What does the Lord want me to do? What if I fail?
In the light of all this running around and worrying and
now a serius injury, I have nothing to do but sit back and
let life work its magic which it has done flawlessly
throughout every second of history, past, and present.
Never looking at what I have around friends and my
life, pure love and my faith, I took it all for granted and
realized it was all for nothing but hurt and pain which has
thankfully been the mail topic of my young life. Letting
God have the reigns has brought the feeling of one of my
closest friends flower into love. Whenever something came
up in my life worthwhile I hated it because I knew it would
end someday but something tells me that my love for her
will never end...death could not stop me. She has made all
the pains I have felt thus far worth this exact point in
time and I vow on my very existance that I will cherish
every single moment. We as humans with the knowledge of
evil as well ad kindness, could never comprehend
Heaven...the greatest writer or imagination on this Earth
could not even come a 100th close to it. The reason why we
have the ability to love another person in this way is so
we can get just a little gimpse of Heaven, that little
crack of light under the door to eternity. I see Heaven in
her love for me, and it is the greatest feeling in the