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2002-09-17 12:17:35 (UTC)

Omg. I think cody likes me 2! (..

Omg. I think cody likes me 2! ( you know the boy i was
telling you about before) anyways yesterday we were on the
bus and i was sitting with alisan and cody we were all
joking around and cody asked alisan were she lived and she
told him. well anyways Then i said i live right down this
here road ( lol ) and cody said " I know were you live
remember i pass your house all the time on the 4-wheeler"
and then he said " It is the prettyest 2nd house on the
right" I was so happy! he knows how to melt a girls heart.
Well last night i stayed up late and wrote him a LOVE
letter and i am going to give it to him today. I can't wait
to see what he says or does. Well I gotta get off of here
and go get ready for school. I have to look good for cody
(lol) Reply if ya wants,
[email protected]