2001-07-24 16:30:18 (UTC)


Tuesday, July 24, 2001
There really isn’t a lot going on. I just felt
like talking to someone, and I’ve been talking to Lindsay
so much I think she might be getting sick of me a lil bit.
So I decided to talk to you.
Nothing is really going on. I’m doing horrible in
math, I haven’t seen any of my friends in weeks, and my
roommate is an idiot.
No, he’s not, or maybe he is, I dunno. I don’t
really know him all that well.
When I say my roommate, I mean my roommate Jason.
Jason, for some reason, feels he needs to impress me. So
every time something happens that he thinks I might like,
he shoots over, no matter what time day or night, and tells
me about it. Like today, I was reading a magazine, and for
some reason, whenever I read a magazine, I need something
else playing in the background (TV, in a car, people
talking, music…something). I don’t really know the reason;
probably because magazine today are so poorly written that
I can’t put my full attention into it or I’d get bored and
Anyway, I war reading some dumbass magazine and I
turned the TV on. The Road to El Dorado was on. So Jason,
as soon as he heard what was on, came running out into the
living room, “Ah, ah ah hey ah hay Ni ah hey Nick. This is
an ok an an ok movie. Did you know that Edgar Allen Poe
wrote a poem called the Road to El Dorado? I think I think
ah ah I think that’s why I I I didn’t like this movie all
all that much.”
He stutters.
Anyway, just listening to him made me kind of drop
my head and shake it.
Ok, nothing really to say. I gotta go to ‘work’