Alexander Dickson

Silent Hill: Town of Unforgetable Memori
2002-09-17 09:36:22 (UTC)

Finally, precious net access...!

It's been three days since I got to University, or maybe
its four now. I think its four days actually because I cam
eup on Saturday and its Tuesday now so four days, yeah.
Time seems to go by so much slower here than it does
anywhere else. I probably should mention somehting about
what sbeen happening here even though nowt much has infact
been going on. I got here about 5pm Saturday. Mother
helped me bring up my boxes but had to leave because she
had work to do or something. Unsurprisingly, I haven't
spoken to anyone else in my corridor. No ones even tried
to speak to me this time which I suppose is a good thing
really since then I don't have to speak to them at all.
They could make an effort I suppos but most people will
counter with "you should make an effort" and of course my
response is "fuck off, too much effort". If they want to
speak to me then they can but I already have friends up
here so I don't have to get any more. Speaking of friends,
I haven't spoken to Christine yet, let alone actually meet
her on Campus. Well I don't know where she is so I ca't go
find her or anything so she'll have to text me or
soemthing so she can get my room number, not that she'd go

Registering seems to have went alright without any
glitches or whatnot whihc I am amazingly surprised at. The
only bitch is that that SAAS haven't sent my loan
entitlement form to me so I couldn't get any big wages of
cash so that pissed me off. Now I have to go and get the
money some other time, if I am actually getting any which
may be possible. What else has been happening? I've met up
with pretty much everyone I spoke to last year and seen
their flats. They're all ladeedaa in comparison to the
Getto. Met Louise and Natalie in the Cottrel building
yesterday (Monday) whilst going to see my Advisor of
Studies, he's a computing Science guy so hurray for
coincidences. Today I have to go to some library thing to
get details about a username/password for the University
computer netowrk. I still have access to my old sn/pass
form last year but I dont know how long that will last, it
was a couple of days ago that I last checked it. Well I
think thats pretty much all I have to say about University
just now so I'll sign off and play on neopets or

Till next time space kittens!