2001-07-24 16:25:11 (UTC)

July 24,2001

Ahhh.... I know that I haven't written in a long ass time...
ooops. A lot has gone on since then, so here goes. Before I
get into the recent events of my life.... today is the day
that the new *Nsync cd comes out.... woohoo... but, I
already have a copy of it because of Mikim. Well, everything
started to turn around for me the day of the *Nsync concert.
So far that has been the greatest night of my summer! Mikim
and I went to the stadium at 1:00 in the afternoon, just to
hang out there. We had the dumbest luck because as we walked
towards the trolley to go to Fashion Valley we found
ourselves in the middle of the MTV taping of "Road to
Celebrity: An *Nsync special." We got to be part of the
taping and we were 15 feet away from Justin Timberlake and
Carson Daly! I watched the special the Saturday after the
concert and I didn't see myself or Mikim, but Eric's cousin
said that he saw me on it. Anyway, after the taping, Mikim
and I went to the mall to kill time. After we got back we
tried to win front row tickets from channel 93.3, but we
didn't have any luck. Next time we will be totally *Nsynced
out! And next year's concert Mikim and I are going to give
them a picture of ourselves.... hehe that would be so much
fun! Well, we got into the stadium and we had really bad
seats.... top of the stadium bad seats. We watched the
opening acts and a couple of *Nsync songs from those seats,
but then a guy who was part of the crew came up to where we
were sitting and handed out ticket stubs for floor seats. We
got to move and we were so much closer.... ahhh, it had to
be fate! Anyway the week just got better after that. Mike
had his ice cream party on Tuesday and I pretty much spent
the afternoon with Berm inside Barnes and Noble. I went to
lunch with Hieu and Berm on Wednesday, that was good quality
girl time for the 3 of us. Then on Thursday, Mikim and I
went to Hieu's house to watch Ever After.... and then Will
came over.... woohoo! He's like hot ass! After Hieu's house,
Mikim and I went to Dae's house and started to watch My Best
Friend's Wedding. Then we both went home and later that
night I went with Dae, Duby and Ray to watch A Knight's Tale
on the base. I love that movie, especially because my
boyfriend, Heath Ledger, is in it! Then on Friday night I
went to Vanessa's party with Hieu, Hao, Mikim, Rico, and
Will. She has a really nice place. The party was totally
chillin' and I danced with Ray, Jeff and Mike. I got to talk
to Will periodically and this guy from RB tried to hit up on
me, but I wasn't feeling it because he was sort of boring to
talk to. Will took me home at the end of the night and he
walked me up to my door... that was cute. Then on Saturday I
spent the afternoon at Dae's house for Mandy's party. Dae,
Berm, Mikim and I were singing karaoke for the longest
time... the song for the night was Dancing Queen. Then Berm
and Mikim convinced Mikim and me to go to Millie's cotillion
with them. It was really nice.... Millie's family is so
cute. After the cotillion we went back to Dae's house and
changed our clothes... then Ate Anne gave me a few shots and
I was totally buzzing. After Ray and Berm got back from the
cotillion we waited for Melanie to come over, so that we
could all go to Rico's party. Rico's party was great....
Berm got hit on by some black guy (that was freakin'
hilarious) and I got to talk with Melanie and I think that
she is a really neat chick. Well the night just got better
after that. I got to spend some time with Will and geez... I
have the biggest crush on him. Ahh, and I got to talk to him
yesterday.... woohoo! Okay, that is my exciting week. I hope
that this week gets more exciting.