2001-07-24 16:17:56 (UTC)

Bounce, crack and BoOm

~*I feel like crap.Im having bad cramps which yall dont
wanna hear bout and my foot hurts like crap and i jus dont
feel good.But im going to put on my lil happy face for the
coach and act like i feel fine.I ran 4 miles even though i
felt like crap.I dont know why but everytime i run i think
of my dad saying stuff to me.Last time i went over there he
said have u ever quit during a run and jus walked and i
said yes.Well of course he had to compete with me and make
me feel like i suck or whatever.I hate it when ppl try to
compete with me cuz i dont care if their better then me.I
never said i was good or the best.Well im goin to go and
hopefully i will feel better.God i sound pathetic.I need to
stop feeling sorry for myself and jus suck it up and go on
and stop being such a woose.Oh yea Lauren is coming over
and hanging out in the neighborhood.I jus meet her this yr
from sarah and bobbi.Its neat cuz r neighborhood is like a
family sorda.We all treat each otehr like that bc were
gettin in fights and stuff.