Meshed Up
2002-09-17 08:10:40 (UTC)


now i know how it feels to have your brain shut down on you.

been trying to do work for the past how many hours and i'm
failing successfully. so i decided to write in my
diary..perhaps to get some of my brain juices flowing
again. i gotta think properly.

i have realized that people always want to try to sound
smart even though deep down they are not.

some people claim the ideas of others and make these ideas
come across as theirs. it's quite sad really. quite
annoying too sometimes especially when the idea that the
other person is using comes from you.

it's getting dark and my head is killing me. university
sucks big time. i wonder if i will be able to cope with
all the work that i have to finish.

i need a break. need to stop myself from thinking for a
while. i'll keep this entry short again. i swear there's
nothing up in my little brain anymore.

sigh. so sad.