I'm a girl, not a band!!!
2002-09-17 06:01:42 (UTC)

I stole this

Have you ever...

Gone out in public in your PJ's? Of course. Went to a
grocery store in a bathrobe. Pajamas are just so damn

Set any body part on fire for amusement? Yeah, no.

Been sent home from school because it was raining? No, but
school was canceled cause it was raining. Well, it was a
hurricane, but it was raining.

Had an imaginary friend? Kinda. When I was bored on long
car trips, I imagined a leprachaun kinda person who ran on
the telephone lines.

Wanted to date friend? Yup

Cried during a movie? Oh yes, plenty.

Ever owned a New Kids on the Block tape? Yup

Planned a week based on the TV guide? A day maybe, not a

Prank called someone? One time. Made up a number, dialed
it, and it was the nonemergency number for the police
station. Never did it again. Think it was a sign?

Been on stage? I was the star in my 2nd grade play, Island
of the Skog by Steven Kellogg.

Been in a car accident? Yeah. Totalled my friends car.


Shampoo: whatever is cheapest

Color: white

Online smiley: :P

Drink: water, then diet coke

Snack: whatever i'm in the mood for

Candy: Butterfingers

Food: lots, but probably lasagna

Do you have a...

Girlfriend: Um....no. But I have friends who are girls!

Best Friend: Yes

Sports Hero: Nope. There really aren't professional rowers.

Crush: Eh. Sketchy.

Secret Admirer: That would be cool.

Job: Yes

Pet: I have a brother.

In the past week, have you...

Cut your hair? Nope

Cried? Absolutely. It's not a week if I haven't cried at
least once.

Been mean? Probably

Been sarcastic? Duh

Been happy? Yes

Met anyone new? No

Talked to someone you have a crush on? Kinda sorta

Missed someone? yes

Hugged someone? Yes

Told a stupid joke? everyday :)

Fought with your parents? probably

Wished on a star? Nope

Laughed until you cried? today as a matter of fact

Watched a sunset/sunrise? no. but i'd like to.

Spent quality time alone? no

Read a book for fun? Yes. I love books!

Are you...

Lonely: sometimes

Happy: yes, somehow

Tired: Oh yeah

Smiling: not this exact moment

Wearing PJ's: No.

Talking to someone online: Yes

Picking your nose: not at this exact moment

Do you...

Believe in love? yes

believe in your friends? yes, the few I have left.

God/Devil: God, yes. Devil, not really.

The closet monster? He wouldn't survive in my house.

The Big Bang Theory? Don't know.

When did you shower last? Yesterday evening. And I'm gonna
shower in a few moments.

What are you...

Listening to? Paul Simon

Looking at? The computer screen.

Smelling: Nothing at the moment.

Tasting: Ranch Ruffles

What is...

The last four digits in your number: 6643

Your Height: 5'10"

Weight: BAH!

Shoe size: 11

Eye color: blue

Hair color: blonde

What makes you happy? People I love

Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? yes

Are you to shy to ask someone out? hell yeah.

Kiss on first date? If it's appropriate.

Sex on first date? well, i'd like to say no, but my
history says otherwise. *sigh*

Are you a virgin? Nope

If not, do you wish you were? well, I wish that I hadn't
had the first 3 of my encounters...that the 4th was my
1st, if that makes any sense.

What do you notice first about someone? Hair and eyes

Favorite female body part? Who's?

Do you ever talk to yourself? Sometimes

Do you sing in the shower? only I Want You To Want Me by
Cheap Trick.

Are you any good? I only sound good in the bathroom. At
least to me.

Do you watch reality shows? Occasionally

Do you watch soap operas? gag me with a knife

Did you have fun with this survey? It had it's moments.