adventures of a speed freak
2001-07-24 15:46:19 (UTC)

Stomach ulcers and the like...

If you ask me whether or not I am stressed out again, I will
probably punch you in the face. Not because I'm annoyed at
you, but simply because I like punching people in the face.
The sound of the bones in my hands meeting up with the bones
on your face is quite explosive. I like to call it The Clash
of the Titans.

I hate early morning arguments. Especially ones that are
pointless. But if you really think about it, most arguments
are pointless. There's always some hidden matter that no one
wants to discuss so instead they redirect their anger and
argue over petty topics. I think the problem here is that
Sidney always has to get her way. It's always about Sidney,
Sidney, Sidney. Jesus Christ, sometimes she gets on my
fucking nerves. She started yelling at me because I was
wearing her black and white striped t-shirt. She accused me
of stretching it out. I retorted by reminding her that we
are almost the same size. Besides, what it really comes down
to is that after seeing me in her shirt, she decided that she
wants to wear it. Let's just say that now I'm wearing a
plain black t-shirt. One from my laundry pile.

Work sucks. I hate it. But I guess it could be worst.
Like, I could be without internet access all day. It's laid
back. That's all that matters. No pressure. No stress. So
why the ulcer?

I'd like to sing a song call, "Blame it on my girlfriend..."