2001-07-24 15:40:25 (UTC)

Why don't we do it in the road?

It's about the cycles, I've learned....
This issue that seems to have commandeered my thoughts over
the last few weeks (yes, the sex issue) is all about the
At 5, I don't know about it...
At 10, I knew, but didn't care...
At 15, I knew, kinda cared, but didn't have time due to
plaing baseball year-round for 3 travelling teams and
rarely being in one state long enough to have a hook-up...
At 20, I knew, I cared, I had time, and I had it nearly
every day, and I loved it-- became addicted to it...
Now, at 25, I'm short on time, really don't care, and I'm
beginning to believe that I don't know anymore...
...damn cycles.

This shit with Starfish has GOT to stop-- I was (somewhat)
good the other night at her place-- no standard intercourse
(which is becoming increasingly difficult to stop), but
DAMN that woman can do amazing things with her lips and
tongue! She never expects any reciprocation, but when I do,
she just goes wild! She's so free in bed that anything I
want to do (and I mean ANYTHING) is cool with her-- she's
already suggested that if we do begin sleeping togather
that she's got a 3some lined up... as well, she wants to do
it outside, in the middle if the day, and a place where
we're SURE to get caught (not sure about that-- public
indecency law). Strangely enough (and I didn't know there
were women that liked this), she has ASKED me REPEATEDLY to
indulge myself of my anal sex fetish-- she said she
actually LIKES it! Jeez!

Anyway-- anyone reading any of my stuff-- feel free to
sound off... the input is always appreciated!