bongo player at heart

one day ill be a bongo player
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2001-01-19 22:04:24 (UTC)

It s friday. Finnally. I didn t..

It's friday. Finnally. I didn't think I'd survive the
day. I started off with a big fat quiz in journalism, I
know for sure I missed two, I dont know about all the
others. Then off to science with my evil teacher, we had
our unit 1 assessment, oy. Spanish, quiz, I dont know how
to say a bottle of mineral watter, or a ham and cheese
sandwich, or any other words really, so I'm pretty sure I
failed that. Than the math quiz. Oy. Besides that, I
embarassed myself pretty badly at lunch. One of Jason's
(Jason is Dandys big brother, he's cool)friends was walking
by and Dandy and brittney both said, o hes cute, probably
the cutest out of all Jason's friends. And I started
walking to the trash can to throw away my frapachino,and
said, no Tony is way cuter, and looked infront of me and
Tony was standing right there. I busted out laughing, so
did Dandy and brittney. Later we saw Tony at his locker
and Dandy asked if her heard what i said, And I yelled, I
said your cute Tony. And he said, o well I have a
girlfriend, that's when I explained just because I think
he's cute, I don't want to go out with him. Wow, I'm just
now realizing how much teenage bable this is. God, who
would read this junk. I'm going to try and stop that.