Day to Day
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2001-07-24 15:24:18 (UTC)

Why is this so damn complicated?

ok, well my life just got 100% more complicated. Let me
1st: Jeff, my best friend who I kinda have a thing for is
acting way too weird. I've known him since we were in
preschool and we pretty much tell each other everything,
until now. I mean last week, he called or wrote me like
every night and it definitely seemed like something was
going to happen, and then BAM!, I go out of town and now
it's weird. I have the feeling something happened between
him and this slut Hannah but whatever. Should I just tell
him that I like him and I want to have mad passionate . . .
well u know.
2nd: My ex-Brandon, Jeff's best friend and the biggest drug
dealing cokehead that I know at the moment is back in the
picture, and I have a feeling there is about to be some
major drama. From what I hear, B, as he is known, has been getting
ripped off majorly by some ppl, he is so coked out that he is doing
crazy shit, and now he has a hit list. Ok, I guess he thinks he's
like in the mob or something, he thinks everyone worships him now, ha
ha, hate to tell him that all neone wants are his drugs. I have to
give him props though because I hear he is making mad dough but it
won't last. I went through too much bullshit with him to
explain right now but I assure you he put me through hell.
Newayz the other night I was coming home and he fucking
tailed my ass all the way home, and now he's starting with
his shitty threats again. I am supposed to go to this club but
I've politely been told that I'm not welcome, and if I show
up there will be major drama. Ok, fuck that, I am so over
this immature bullshit, I mean what is he going to do a
little 17 year old girl and not look like an asshole.
He thinks I still like him or something, it must be the
drugs talking because the only feeling I have for him is
extreme hate, and I don't just hate ppl, this is ligit.
Plus the whole Jeff factor, I mean I know he wouldn't let
nething happen to me because of Brandon but I can't ask him
not to be friends with him, it's not my place, I would
never ask him to choose.
But whatever, I wish life could just be cool, with no
drama. I miss Josie, she is in Florida for diving camp and
she won't be back for like 2 more weeks. Oh well. I am at
work now, BORING! 7 hrs of just sitting at a desk doing
absolutley nothing! I feel like I am in school, but hey it
pays good, well I will probably write again later on
tonight. -brit