Nick's Journal
2002-09-17 04:28:12 (UTC)

The Cheese

So there I am about to fix one of my delictable
sandwhiches for my lunch. as is the custom on every
weekday i trot over to luke and ryan's kitchen and pull
out the ham, turkey, bread, cheese, mayo, hot sauce, and
the quintessential ketchup kicker. all goes well when i
make it, except for today.
so there i am, i pull out the bread, cheese, and meat
first and throw them on the counter, then i pull out the
condiments. i put on the meat and the condiments and then
finally i'm ready for the cheese. that's when it happens
i can't find it!
it's absolutly nowhere to be found, and i KNOW i pulled it
out. here i am damn near about to call the cia to find my
fucking cheese. absolutely no chance. i looked
everywhere, so finally i give up and get another slice.
as i put my sandwhich together i find the cheese sitting
right there on the counter.........................
it's like the freakin' twilight zone around here.
i wonder if that happens to other people