De-Tet-aCh Memoir
2001-07-24 14:29:29 (UTC)

Shack Day

Today must be the most tiring sch day so far...

Hadda project meeting in the morning... I turned up on
time... Luke arrived 10minutes later...and we both waited
for the rest of the team to arrive..... onli 50mins later
did David arrive...gosh...and our team leader's not even

anywhere, we started workin on the document for our project
plan. Luke's like the brainstormer of our he's
sputtering new ideas while i sorta took em down..discovered
that the Kiwi students here dun realli go into meticulate
details when they prepare documents...

anyway, we settled most of our stuff onli 2hrs
the process i missed my sociology lecture : (

nothing much happened durin the rest of the day..except in
the evenin...where Anson requested me to go house-hunting
with his girlfriend, Tracy , also from Shanghai.

I rang the landlord, Helen, and arranged to meet at around we've neber went up to the Kelburn neighbourhood..
Me, 'Uan, Ben , Anson and Tracy went up earlier to explore
the place. Not surprisingly we got lost and ended up at
this realli posh and exclusive house, hehe, the lady owner
was all dressed up in a smart black suit , having a drink
with another man in the living room.. she guided us to the
right direction..thankfully... wow..her house is
unbelievabe..perched on top of the slopes of the same hill
Vic is on, it even has a landscaped garden down a
mysterious flight of stairs to the house..gotta see it 1st-
hand..cos my description dun do it justice..

well we finally found the right house, the owners were a
middle-aged NZ couple...Their children had moved out so
they rent the house out to students.. Luckily Tracy liked
it and so will be movin in tomoro....all done!! now Anson
can finally sleep in peace.

Well later in the night, i met up with SeYan, Yuling,
Premila and Nick to disucc abt the food and performance at
Int'l Night this saturday... We practised for hours , the
song and dance routine...some of the gals moves were
hilarious.... we've finally got something worked out whcih
we're goin to present to the singapore high commission reps
and all the guests this sat...realli big event..shudderz...

well even later into the night, i met my OCS buddy Colin
online in ICQ!! hahaha it's been so long since we've
actualli communicated "realtime" : P wuz realli
happy..but i'm so tired after the day's many acitivies...

another day at the film fest tomoro...more then...