Diary of Stuff (Volume I)
2002-09-17 03:21:52 (UTC)

...above all the others, we'll fly...

Well, nothing really amazing has happened as of late, just
yer normal coasting through the great tunnel of life. . .
Got into a wee bit of trouble at da woikplace, though, (and
none of it is my fault, I may add) but it's too soon to
tell what effects are gonna be reverberated in the next
couple of weeks/months. . . ahhhhh, who knows. . .

It becomes amazing to me, however, when you compare the
actual 'living' of life, to the actual 'experiencing' of
it. . . I find myself not actually trying to 'live' my
life, for I don't have enough money to 'live' the way I
want to, and so I guess I've downgraded myself to the mere
experiencing of it. ...which is I guess my purpose with
this expressly written text, to record the events of my so-
so humdrum got-no-money-to-buy-chit-to-make-me-happy kinda
life. I suppose once I get my various acts together into
one room, I would be able to find a suitable path that will
impress me with such happiness that I wouldn't know what to
do. . . !

I just scoured the net looking for the results about some
experiment that was done a couple of weekends ago to
measure the speed of gravity, and all I found were papers
describing the event, but no results. I took that as a
clue to wait until maybe they get publicized soon,

This past weekend I happened onto a movie that I viewed
about 10 years back about King Arthur, with Guinevere and
Lancelot. One thing that I completely missed my first
viewing was the role of their religion in their pageantry
and decision-making. With my own newfound religious
understanding of Catholicism, I understood perfectly what
their motivations were, and it leant a new respect for both
the film, and the religion.

One other piece of writing that I stumbled onto was a very
informative interview that was done with Pope John Paul II
a few years ago, and his answers to the interviewer's
questions were absolutely enlightening, astounding,
profound, and spiritually dead-on. "Does God exist?"
Perhaps you should ask yourself first, "What is the purpose
of man?" Depending on your answer, then you should move on
to the question of God. . . phenomenal. . . Within another
area, how can we prove God's existence? Well, before we
became so centered onto our "I think, therefore I am"
credo, we were more "I am, therefore I think". It is this
simple exchange of states that causes many of us to get
confused and dumbfounded. "Crossing the Threshold of Hope"
is the name of the book.

On another completely different (but strangely enough, it
doesn't seem so different???) note, P.A.M. Dirac described
that a photon is always within a superposition of states
before an observation is directly made, which forces the
photon to jump 100% into any of its states. This seems
crazy to me, but I guess I'm still working on it in my head
before something readily comes out. . . I suppose. . .