my life
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2002-09-17 03:09:12 (UTC)

nothin better to do

its 10:55 and everyones gone to bed already. jeez they
all sleep earlier and earlier every night. theres nothing
to do so i thought id stop by and write a lil bit. but i
just wrote last night so i dont really know what to put
now. things havent really changed for the better yet. i
have fun with people outside our group more than i do
within it lately. the people who dont really hang out with
my friends are the ones i can go be around and not get mad
at cuz they do something i dont like...its wierd...i
figured something out today but im not gonna put it on here
cuz of people who i know that might read this. it has to do
with friends and who my true friends are..sometimes i doubt
there are any cuz of how they react and handle things with
me. im sorry if people think im hard to get along with but
im straighforward and if u dont like that then your not
gonna like some of my ideas very much. ive learned i cant
talk politic, religion, and more or less important things
with very many people cuz they always get pissed at me.
somehow i have these really fricked up views that no on can
handle but hey, i say it like i see it. my parents i dont
talk to about that crap cuz we'll argue and my friends get
pissed sometimes. i guess im just sick and tired of
agrueing or hearing about arguements with people. plus im
tired of always trying to make up with people, so now they
can come to me first. im gonna do what i want and not
appoligize for what i say and how i feel. ya know i was in
such a good mood till the other day but now i dont know
whats happened. but there are still a few out there that
can make me laugh.:) well on that good note im out for a

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