My thoughts exactly...
2001-07-24 14:00:50 (UTC)

oh a great start

It's now Tuesday morning. Damn, I have a cold and aching
throat. I guess it might have been from the rain and from
the hot weather and the air conditioning. Or maybe I'm
just tired. Wait, sore throats are from a virus. Damn.
Where did I get this virus? Well, it's not from sex.
Haven't had that. heh.

Yesterday was good. All I mostly did was work, then
relaxed at home. Caught part of "Fear Factor" -
interesting. Heard "Weakest Link" from the other room - I
don't know how I feel about that show yet. One of those
where I hate it from its inception, but you can't help stay
on the channel once it's on.

Well, today should be good. I'm keeping a positive
attitude, even though I'm pissy about this cold I have.
Maybe something extra exciting happens today, and I can
actually write something appealing here.